MFL 25s Draft Only Leagues are Open

We are happy to announce that you can now join one of our MFL 25s Leagues if you want to get into a higher stakes league.  This year they have a slightly different prize format.  Instead of winner take all with a $250 prize, we are splitting up the winnings.  For just a $25 entry fee, the first place prize ...

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2015 Leagues are OPEN

Fantasy Football Leagues Open

Here at, there is no offseason – we’re happy to announce availability of our 2015 leagues! To upgrade your 2014 league to a 2015 league, just log into your 2014 league as the league commissioner, and you’ll see instructions at the top of that page detailing how to upgrade to 2015. If you’d like to set up a brand ...

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MFL10s Draft Only Leagues are OPEN


We have opened our MFL10s leagues for the 2015 season but just our Draft Only variety.  We will open more league types a little later in the season.  If you have been looking to join a competitive pay league with great payouts but don’t want to take out a second mortgage to do so.  If you want some real drafting ...

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The 2015 Fantasy Championship is Here


Last year the finish in The Fantasy Championship was as exciting as imaginable. Henry Muto and Rachael Talty teamed up to take home the $200,000 grand prize. This year that grand prize can be yours. Fantasy football glory and cash await in The 2015 Fantasy Championship. The cost to enter is $250 per team or three teams for $700. The ...

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